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Lisa Caldwell

Founder / Broker


Lisa Caldwell grew up in the East Bay and is a local real estate broker with 20 years of experience. Lisa’s clients benefit from her extensive knowledge of the area, including school districts and neighborhoods. She purchased her first home at the age of 23 and has been “hooked on real estate” ever since, and she enjoys helping others have the same positive experience whether they are buying or selling.

Working as a mortgage lender while embarking on her career as a real estate broker, Lisa has a thorough understanding of the loan process, enabling her to better represent buyers when explaining their closing costs and when writing an offer on a home. It also benefits her sellers when an offer is submitted on their home because she is able to communicate effectively and directly with the buyers’ mortgage broker to ensure the buyer is truly pre-approved.

Lisa believes in being highly communicative with her clients and takes pride in her work ethic. Focusing on trust, Lisa is a respected industry professional throughout the East Bay working with buyers, sellers, attorneys, and investors. She welcomes new clients, treating them with the care they deserve from a real estate professional and soon to be neighbors.

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